Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Contributing to apache hadoop #2

I've always wanted to contribute something back into the open source community. I thought I'd start off with something ridiculously simple. They offer *newbie* JIRA's after all. I picked one, created a patch and tested it. I uploaded the patch.

And I waited for a few days like the "HowToContribute" page says....

After a week, I asked in the IRC channel what I needed to do to get the patch reviewed. The answer was to add a comment asking for someone to review it. So i did that.....

I saw they were asking for patches to be included in 1.0.2 so i mailed the release manager (Matt Foley) asking him to include it. He said he'd try and get it reviewed. The RC was released for 1.0.2 (minus my patch).

I uploaded the patch on the 18th Feb 2012. I last updated the JIRA asking for someone to look at it on the 29th Feb 2012. Its now the end of March and theres still no movement.

It does beg the question of "Whats the point?". May aswell invest my time in something else. But what?

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