Monday, 13 February 2012

Abject failure.....

Well that didn't go to plan. Failure once again. A few tests failed. I can read the log output within:


But I dont see any kind of report that might alude to which of the numerous tests failed. Scrolling back through hundreds of lines of text doesn't seem productive.

Think i need to do some more research (and build a dedicated hadoop build machine in a VM on my laptop). A plain rhel5u4 image built from scratch. Lets document this shit outta this process and see where I'm going wrong....

Interrupted slightly tonight by purchasing a new NAS drive (A Synology DS411). Something to play with whilst pulling my hair out over my inability to submit a patch that took me about 5 minutes to actually create.

So far it's taken about 10 hours of effort to get down to a handful of unit tests.

To be continued.....

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